Alicia Jane 9x12 oil on canvas on panelJohnny's Place 8x16 oil on canvas on panelThunderbolt with Rob 9x12 oil on canvas on panelTybee Lane 9x12 oil on canvas on panelShadows by the River 11x14 oil on canvas on panelRetired 9x12 oil on panelLight Play at 7:23 pm 11x14 oil on canvas on panelSetting the Table 8x6 oil on panelBoneventure Angle 12x9 oil on panelYacht Club from Lyman Hall 11x14 oil on canvas on panelLate in the Day with a Glass of Wine 12x24 oil on canvas/panelLong Point Brush 15x30 o/cGrey Day at Long Point 11x14 oil on panelOverlooking Thunderbolt 15x30 oil on boardBeached Buddies 12x24 oil on canvas on panelClouds Over Turner's Rock 9x12 o/pPin Point 11x14 oil on canvasFresh LocalWhitemarsh 7PM 12x9 oil on panelMoody Morning (Best of Show, Paint the Town, St Petersberg) 11x14 o/pDeer Island Lifestyle 11x14 oil on panelLaguna  View 9x12 oil on panelMango, Mango (Paint the Town, St Petersberg) 8x10 o/panelLaguna Drive 12x9 oil on panelIsle of Hope Sunday Afternoon 8x10 o/pSweet Light 9x12 oil on canvas on panelMonumental Color