NFS Lullaby 36x36 oil on canvasNFS Low Tide Shimmer 12x12 oil/canvas SOLD EVE 12x12 oil on canvas SOLD Rose Dhu Beaut 12x12 oil on canvas STOLEN Girl House Camp Cabin 12x12 o/cSOLD Jane's Sanctuary 12x24 oil on canvas SOLD Evening Lullaby 12x24 o/c SOLD Turner's Rock 12x24 oil on canvas SOLD Living on the Lazaretto 8x16 o/cSOLD Color Me Happy  12x24 oil on canvasSOLD Happy 36x36xo/cSOLD Meandering I 24x24 o/cSOLD Meandering II 24x24 o/cSOLD Meandering III 24x24 o/cSOLD Saffron Marsh 36x36 o/cSOLD Calm 12x12 oil on canvas SOLD Hope Palms 12x12 oil on canvas SOLD Girl Scout Camper 12x12 o/cSOLD Bethesda Beaut 12x12 o/c SOLD Creek life 12x12 oil on canvasSOLD Lazaretto - framed 18x18 oil/canvas SOLD Hope 12x12 oil on canvas SOLD Whitemarsh 12x12 oil on canvasSOLD Lazaretto Packing Co 12x12 o/c SOLD Bradley Creek Beauty 36x36 oil on canvas SOLD Rivlet 12x12 o/cSOLD Exhalation II 48x48 oil on canvasSOLD Exhalation I 48x48 oil on canvasSOLD Shoo Fly 36x36 oil on canvasSOLD O Beautiful Sweet Land 20x20 o/c SOLD Marsh Island Stream 48x60 oil on canvas SOLD Family of Three o/pSOLD Morning Haze 16x20 oil on canvasSOLD Let Music Swell the Breeze 16x20 o/cSOLD Evening Dunes II 48x60 o/cSOLD  12x12 oil on canvas $575SOLD Marsh Island Run 48x48 oil on canvas SOLD  12x12 oil on canvas SOLD Lyman Hall Lighting 36x36 oil on canvasSOLD Sweetgrass No.9 Long Point Complexion 20x20SOLD Sweetgrass No.7 Bluffton Shade 20x20SOLD Sweetgrass No.2 (Finale) 48x48 o/c SOLD O Beautiful for Glory Tale 12x12 o/cSOLD Sweetgrass No.10 Whitfield Wonder 20x20SOLD Sweetgrass No.5 May River Madness 36x36 SOLD Let All That Breathe Partake 12x12 o/cSOLD Sweetgrass No.8 Placid Skidaway 20x20 SOLD Long May Our Land Be Bright 20x20 o/cSOLD God Shed His Grace on Thee 12x12 o/cSOLD Sweetgrass No.13 Hullabaloo 12x12SOLD Sweetgrass No. 1 (Long Point Languor) 24x36 o/cSOLD Serene Reflections 24x36 o/cSOLD Edge of Turner's Rock 22x28 oil on canvasSweetie Ogeechee 12x16 o/pLazaretto Light 24x48 o/cSweetgrass No.6 Johnny Mercer Lyric 24x48 03-08SOLD Meditation 20x40 oil on canvas Savannah Eve 36x96 oil on canvasIsle of Hope Causeway 8x16 o/cTalahi Sweet 24x48 o/cMoon River Distance 36x36 o/cKayaking the Marsh 16x20no infoWhitemarsh Light 48x60 oil on canvasSOLD Marsh Happy 12x12 o/c $850. Buy It Now Price $900